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The mission of the New England Pregnancy Center is to enhance lives of women through knowledge. We believe that knowledge is essential for healthy lives.  The overall health of a society is dependent on its women being healthy. When women are healthier, so too are their children, their families, and the society of which they are a part. We strive to provide services that enhance women’s knowledge, empowering them to be knowledgeable and active participants in leading healthy lives. It is hard to trust information on websites not knowing if it is information we should follow.

Some website can be generated by non-medical professionals who have little understanding of healthcare and women's health issues. At the New England Pregnancy Center we share with you information that has solid scientific information. Having a certified nurse midwife we are committed to providing health information that focuses on the health and well-being of women.

All information provided is to enhance knowledge and not to replace a healthcare provider. NEPC encourages women to seek professional medical care for any health related condition.

We hope that the information provided will help you, your families, and society live  healthier lives.

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    Each and every pregnancy for a woman will be a difference experience. As the body changes there can be some common discomforts that are part of the…

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  • Website Founder

    Meredith Scannell is a certified nurse-midwife, earned a diploma in nursing in 1995 received a Master's Degree in Public Health and became a Certified Nurse Midwife in 2006,…

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    Choosing a baby name can be harder than it sounds. Want to know the most frequently used baby names in your state? We provide the top 100…

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At the New England Pregnancy Center we would like to share your story about fertility, pregnancy and motherhood.

Through your stories we can learn and teach each other. Everyone's experience is different and sharing these experiences we can learn from each other and help others. We come from very different parts of the world and sharing different experience can provide others with new opportunities to learn how others have succeeded.

We also welcome your feedback, suggestions, compliments and complaints, they help us to understand what you want, what we do well and areas that we can improve upon.

Here are some examples of how the New England Pregnancy Center team puts patients and their families at the top of our priorities.